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--- EVEN - Serving as
a vegan resource
since 2005 ---

Veg Wisdom

I am passionate about my food, and I put all my heart into everything I make which is why I call them Vegan Heart Cakes. Everything is prepared fresh and with love. There are no nasty additives, they are mainly organic, gluten free, sugar and soya free, powered by superfoods. - Jo Tyszczuk, Vegan Heart Cakes, Bournemouth, UK

Veg Wisdom

As custodians of the planet it is our responsibility to deal with all species with kindness, love and compassion. That these animals suffer through human cruelty is beyond understanding. Please help to stop this madness. - Richard Gere

Veg Spotlight

Erin Williams, Washington, DC, presents to EVEN, "Saving Animals and the Planet with Your Fork"

Veg Spotlight

Ginger Carlson presents to EVEN, "The Joyful Vegan Family"

Veg Spotlight

Denise - Long Term EVEN Member and Supporter

Veg Wisdom

All creation has the same right to life. - Sun Bear, Chippewa Medicine Man (1929-1992)

Veg Wisdom

I have a rule of life that I will not ask anyone to do my dirty work for me. I would never kill a creature or a chicken or even a fish, so I no longer eat flesh. - Peace Pilgrim (1908-1981)

Veg Wisdom

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages. - Thomas Edison

Veg Wisdom

It ill becomes us to invoke in our daily prayers the blessings of God, the Compassionate, if we in turn will not practice elementary compassion towards our fellow creatures. - Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948

As Featured In:

~ 24 Carrot Award (Vegetarians in Paradise)

~ Vegan Awareness Year (Mayoral Proclamation, City of Eugene)

~ American Vegan Magazine (American Vegan Society)

~ Volunteer of the Year (United Way)

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Veg Wisdom

I love chicks... pigs, cows, fish, and all the other animals too. That's why I turned vegetarian. I am very happy being a vegetarian and I believe that it is the best way to be. The day I started believing in the fact that I would want not to kill animals for my taste buds that is the day everything changed for me. - Shahid Kapoor, Actor and PETA India's Sexiest Vegetarian 2009

Veg Wisdom

Mankind cannot, I submit, save itself from destruction through mere cleverness of scientific technology selfishly applied, nor through wishful thinking. But through a deep sense of brotherhood of all life, and a willingness and eagerness on the part of each and every person to work constructively for the preservation and enhancement of life, mankind may yet be preserved and go forward into the next millennium with confidence, competence and compassion. - H.Jay Dinshah (1933-2000), President of the American Vegan Society at The Vegetarian Way, XXIV World Vegetarian Congress, 1977


Veg Wisdom

Cruelty to ... animals is one of the distinguishing vices of low and base minds. Wherever it is found, it is a certain mark of ignorance and meanness; a mark which all the external advantages of wealth, splendour, and nobility cannot obliterate. It is consistent neither with learning nor true civility. - Sir William Jones (1746 - 1794), English Poet and Philologist

About EVEN - The Eugene Veg Education Network


EVEN is a vegan education and outreach group serving as a vegan resource since 2005.

The Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN) is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Eugene Oregon serving as a resource for those seeking information on

a healthful, vegan lifestyle.

EVEN's emphasis is one of



and sustainability.

Focus is on the

interconnectedness of all life

and how a plant-based diet

benefits the earth,

non-human animals,

and the individual.

EVEN's Mission Statement is

to inform, educate and encourage our members---as well as the larger community---

by providing information on veganism

and its positive impact on the health of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Parenting in the Wilderness

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Earth, All Life, Peace

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